In today’s world a corporate website is a gateway between a company and its prospects, customers and other stakeholders and a reflection of a company’s unique style and desired image in the marketplace. A website which is created professionally serves as a unique source of information about your company.  It may give you a number of advantages for a successful development of your business including but not limited to search and attraction of new customers, image forming and company advertising and information support for partners and clients. For this reason, clear communication and accurate translation is essential in website translations, otherwise it may lead to consequences that could cause irreparable damage to the image and reputation of your company. Translation of a website demands a more sensitive approach than mere text translation. Therefore, the culture, style and language of the target audience should be taken into consideration.     

Seçkin Translation Agency understands that website translations imply culture-centric translation. A perfect culture-centric translation makes the reader feel as if the content was not translated, but originally written in the target language. Therefore, Seçkin Translation Agency does not content with mere translation. For this reason we always employ translators who are familiar with the culture, terminology and sayings of the target language. Consequently, this approach will allow your visitors to surf on your website in a quick and efficient manner in their own language. This gives your company and products an advantage over your competition.     

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