Translating Languages

Languages 1 Page Price (1000 characters)
English 12 TL. - 25 TL.
German 15 TL. - 30 TL.
French 18 TL. - 35 TL.
Afghani  Please Ask
Arabic  Please Ask
Albanian  Please Ask
Azerbaijani  Please Ask
Belarusian  Please Ask
Bengali  Please Ask
Bosnian  Please Ask
Bulgarian  Please Ask
Burmese  Please Ask
The Czech Language  Please Ask
Chinese  Please Ask
Danish  Please Ask
Indonesian  Please Ask
Armenian  Please Ask
Estonian  Please Ask
Persian  Please Ask
Finnish  Please Ask
Georgian  Please Ask
Ethiopian  Please Ask
Hindi  Please Ask
Dutch  Please Ask
Hebrew  Please Ask
Irish  Please Ask
Spanish  Please Ask
Swedish  Please Ask
Italian  Please Ask
Icelandic  Please Ask
Japanese  Please Ask
Kazakh  Please Ask
Kyrgyz  Please Ask
Korean  Please Ask
Kurdish  Please Ask
Latin  Please Ask
Latvian  Please Ask
The Laz Language  Please Ask
Polish  Please Ask .
Latvian  Please Ask
Lithuanian  Please Ask
Hungarian (Magyar)  Please Ask
Macedonian  Please Ask
Malay  Please Ask
Mongolian  Please Ask
Moldovan  Please Ask
Nepalese  Please Ask
Norwegian  Please Ask
The Ottoman Turkish Language  Please Ask
Uzbek  Please Ask
Portuguese  Please Ask
Romanian  Please Ask
Russian  Please Ask
Serbian  Please Ask
Slovak  Please Ask
Slovenian  Please Ask
Tajik  Please Ask
Tamil  Please Ask
Tatar  Please Ask
Thai  Please Ask
Turkmen  Please Ask
Ukrainian  Please Ask
Urdu  Please Ask
Vietnamese  Please Ask
The Yugoslavian Language  Please Ask
Greek  Please Ask
Cross Translation  Please Ask

* Rates KDV is not included.

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