In the pricing of translations, factors such as the volume, complexity and content of the text (technical, legal, commercial, financial, etc.) and delivery deadline are taken into consideration.

Other factors that are taken into consideration in the pricing of translations are set forth below:

- 1000 characters without spaces are considered as 1 (one) page. If the text to be translated is in the electronic or digital environment then you may copy the same and paste into word program and may use our word/character count tool, then you may calculate the number of character by following steps Tools> Word Count> Characters (without spaces)
- Texts with less than 1000 characters without spaces is considered as 1(one) page..
- We offer discounts for texts with more than 50.000 characters (50 pages).
- VAT is not included in our prices.
- Notarization and legalization fees (public notary, consulate, embassy, governor’s office) shall be paid by the client where notarization or legalization by a consulate or local authorities is required.
- We offer attractive prices for our member clients.
- We offer discounts and competitive prices to academicians and for student thesis/dissertations.
- Please contact us for oral translation, deciphering, escort translation, consecutive translation and simultaneous translation services

You may use our character count tool for calculating the character count of your text. However you will be charged by the target character count. It is natural that the text swells in translation and becomes longer than the source text (English and German texts do not differ much).


Word 1 standard page of translation is 1000 Microsoft Word characters. (Example)



Copy the text to be translated in the following field...

Character :

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