The translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents is a specialized business that requires professional knowledge, uncompromised levels of accuracy and timely delivery. Seçkin Translation Agency employs a team of medically-qualified subject-specialist translators who are experienced in their respective areas with an educational background. As a principle and rule, Seçkin Translation Agency avoids working with translators who do not have an extensive medical background.

Our medical translation services include but not limited to the following:

All kinds of medical translations including without limitation anesthesia, biostatistics, internal diseases, dentistry, pulmonary diseases, toxicology, diagnostics, endocrinology, endoscopy, eye diseases and disorders, public health, cardiology, microbiology, orthopedics and traumatology, pathology, clinical reports, researches and articles, prospectuses, presentations of medical and pharmaceutical institutions and relevant brochures, licenses and patents of medical products, label samples, medical survey certificates, technical and official documents, manuals of medical equipments, etc.  

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