Legal translation requires very specialized knowledge and we ensure that our wording is exact and unambiguous. Legal translation is one of the most complicated and difficult areas in the field of translation and even a small mistake could be damaging and costly to you or your business entity. Therefore, the professional legal translators are required to have a strong foundation and a thorough knowledge of the various terms and concepts used in the legal field. For translation of legal documents Seçkin Translation Agency employs experienced legal translation teams who understand the legal system of your source and target text. Our legal translators are experienced in legal writing and have a thorough knowledge in their respective fields.    

Seçkin Translation Agency offers legal translation for a wide range of legal documents including but not limited to laws and regulations, court decrees and orders, legal instruments, tender documents, legal correspondence, contracts, non-disclosure agreements, deeds of power of attorney, warranties, insurance claims, police reports, witness statements, leases and other legal documents and instruments.   

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