Seçkin Translation Agency provides translation, proofreading and editing services for a wide range of academic disciplines. Our team of experienced translators consists of academicians and doctoral students in various disciplines including but not limited to history, sociology, political science, philosophy, linguistics, archeology, economics, chemistry and physics and other fields of science, and this is the key for us to achieve the highest level of accuracy and reliability in academic translations.       

Translation of academic texts and documents is quite different from a normal translation. Translating academic documents and texts is much more complicated than a simple-word-for-word conversion from one language to another. Translators must thoroughly understand the subject matter of any text they translate so they must have such skill, the required education and/or experience in that field. For this reason, Seçkin Translation Agency’s network is comprised exclusively of certified translators and/or expert native speakers who are academicians and/or have many years of work experience in their area of specialization.

We have a rich experience of successfully completing a large number of projects across diverse disciplines and subjects including but not limited to essays, dissertations/theses and journal articles, projects, presentations, academic researches, scientific articles and academic research projects and we are very proud of this success. 

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